Cremation diamonds: Types, Names, and Colors

Cremation precious stone can be a phrase that means man ashes changed into gemstones by the process of severe heat and pressure. This post will talk about the many varieties, colors, and titles of diamond out of ashes.


Cremation diamonds might be categorised into three kinds, namely normal, man-made and person-created gemstones.

All-natural cremation precious stone is made through strong warmth and stress over a long time in nature’s laboratory – earth’s crust at depths between 50 and 100 kilometers below surface stage.

Person-produced gems result when man ashes are blended with a variety of materials for example graphite or copper before they go through excessive warmth and strain during the manufacturing process.

Man made gemstones usually do not consist of man ashes however they are made by machines utilizing chemical compounds to reproduce man ashes.


Cremation diamonds are available in an array of colours, such as white colored, glowing blue, and pinkish. Bright white cremation gemstones are the most common type using more than 75% market reveal, then dark/light brown gemstones that comprise 15%. Light blue gemstones stand for around 13Per cent, when pinkish reaches just about 12Per cent.

Synthetic man ashes into the precious stone approach will naturally generate colorless human being ash in a diamonds if subjected to very similar conditions to the people found deep in an earth’s crust.

But guy-manufactured individual ashes in the precious stone process will not likely produce colorless human ashes into diamonds due to the fact man ashes are mixed with graphite or copper before they undergo the developing procedure.


Cremation diamonds can be differentiated by their brands, which are often picked to reflect a person’s persona and existence experience. Included in this are heart and soul mates, character gemstones, legacy rocks, and thoughts of family members. A custom made title is additionally entirely possible that a single who wishes to make it exclusive from other individuals yet still desires that unique that means connected to the cremation diamond they have got taken thing of right after receiving human being ashes inside a wedding ceremony named scattering.