Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing

It’s a simple yet thorough course for people who are looking for a solid foundation of digital marketing knowledge or just brushing up on their online marketing skills and experience. The Google digital marketing class is available through the Google Digital Garage application. This is one of the more popular and trusted learning and training portals for Google developers, professionals and beginners alike. There are many lessons available for no cost and others that are a nominal fee.
The first thing you should know before signing up for a Performance marketing agency cyprus class is that every student will be given a Google developer certificate in addition to the usual HTML, CSS and JavaScript training. The certificate gives you a valuable edge over other potential students. There are two versions of the course, the first is the” Instructor Only” course which gives you all the training you need with no outside guidance, while the “practice” version gives you the opportunity to work with the program to hone your own skills and expertise. The second version comes with a mock exam and works with the exams as they happen – allowing you to prepare for the real thing.
The first few lessons taught in the fundamentals course cover web page optimization and keyword research. After this you move onto creating a landing page using the Google tools and features as well as brainstorming ideas for copy. Once you have a good grasp of these skills, you move onto testing and tracking keywords and campaigns to see how they perform. If you are successful, you earn the certification that proves you have what it takes to market with Google as an affiliate. There is a final exam to complete after the courses, which award you the title of Google Associate!